San Pasqual 7’s RUGBY Tournament, July 25 2015

Kit Carson Park, 3333 S. Bear Valley Pkwy, Escondido CA 92025

Time Division Field 1 Division Field 2 Division Field 3
9:00 U16 A1 v A4 (bye) U16 B1 v B4
U16 A2 v A3 U16 B2 v B3
U18N 1 v 5 U18N 2 v 3
10:00 U16 A1 v A3 U16 B1 v B3 U14 B1 v B3
U16 B2 v B4 U16 A2 v A4 (bye) U14 A1 v A3
U18N 1 v 4 U18N 2 v 5 U14 B1 v B2
11:00 U16 A1 v A2 U16 B1 v B2 U14 A1 v A2
U16 A3 v A4 (bye) U16 B3 v B4 U14 B2 v B3
U18N 1 v 3 U18N 4 v 5 U14 A2 v A3
12:00 U16 3A v 3B 5th and 6th U14 1A v 2B Semi
U16 1A v 2B U16 1B vs 2A U16 Semi Final U14 1B v 2A Semi
U18N 1 v 2 U18N 3 v 4 U14 3A v 3B 5th and  6th
1:00 U18S 1 v 5 U18S 2 v 3
U16 Final U14  Final Final U16 & U14 Men Pool A Men Pool B
U18N 3 v 5 U18N 2 v 4 1 Back Bay North County Barbarians
2:00 Men A1 v A4 Men B1 v B4 2 ICEF Temecula/NC Gents
Men A2 v A3 Men B2 v B3 3 Armada/UCSD PV Old Boys
U18S 1 v 4 U18S 2 v 5 4 South Bay Stingrays Marginals (Beaumont)
3:00 Men A1 v A3 Men B1 v B3 U18 Serevi Cup U18 Non Serevi
Men A2 v A4 Men B2 v B4 1 Back Bay North County
U18S 1 v 3 U18S 4 v 5 2 Young Aztecs Dragons
4:00 Men A1 v A2 Men B1 v B2 3 LARC Coronado
Men A3 v A4 Men B3 v B4 4 South Bay Stern MASS
U18S 1 v 2 U18S 3 v 4 5 Hawaiian Gardens Tribe
5:00 Men A1 v B2 Men B1 v A2 semi final U16 Pool A U16 Pool B
U18S 3 v 5 U18S 2 v 4 1 Santa Monica Dragons
Men Final 2 Aztec Warriors Hawaiian Gardens
3 Stern MASS Rhinos
U14 Pool A U14 Pool B
1 Hawaiian Gardens North County
2 Fullerton Rhinos
3 Aztec Warriors Temecula

2015 Sevens Season

North County Barbarians U18, U16 and U14 teams practice on Saturday mornings, and either Tuesday or Thursday (or both) at Kit Carson Park football field 3:30-5:30 PM.

There is no need for current players to formally register.

New players or players that did not play in the 2015 HS or Club season are welcome, but must register online and pay the $50 league fee.

Fees are charged based on the tournament entry fees charged and the number of players participating in that tournament (usually $10-$20 per player per tournament).
2015 Summer Youth 7 a side tournaments are listed Here.

Age grades

League ages are determined by the age the player was on the August 31st preceding the season.
I.e. if the player was 11 years old on August 31 2013 - the player qualifies for the Under 12 age grade for the 2013-2014 season.
If the player was 12 years old on August 31 2013 - the player is U14 for the 2013-2014 season.