July 2000

Things at hand

Golf Tournament

The 1st Annual North County Escondido Gurkhas Golf Tournament is scheduled for Friday Novemeber 17, 2000 at 10:30 am. Get Your Foursomes in Now! There will also be Gold and Tee Sponsorships Available!! Contact Joe for more info (760).724-4482.

Bahamas Tour

The second installment for the Bahamas trip is due no later than the end of the month. I know that a lot of us have not made our first deposit yet. There is no reason for President Clarke (you know... Joe) to commit to reserving the trip if there are not at least 30 people who are committed to this. Time is running out. If you pay $100/month, you could pay off your trip and not be faced with a big bill at the end. If we do not get the numbers, we are going to open it up to the Old Aztecs and Riverside. Do not miss the boat on this one. See Blood Brother #1 (Vino a.k.a Elvis) to make your payments.

General Info

Upcoming Tournaments

For those of you who are interested in watching USA vs. Samoa in the Pacific Rim tournament on July 15th at Balboa Stadium near San Francisco, I think that J.P. and some others have expressed some interest in attending.

Keep in mind that the Golf Tournament and the 10's Tournament will soon be upon us. Let's be proactive and get these planned and organized.

If you need more business cards, get in touch with President Clarke during training.


Tournaments Past

June 10th - Midnight 7's (Las Vegas)

From what was said about the tournament, the trip in itself was worth its weight in gold. 'Nuff said. Loyal subscribers to this fine newsletter, I do need to apologize for a few members of this highly tuned and purring like a kitten rugby club. It seems as though they do not know how to conduct themselves in a foreign state. These two rookie 'gentlemen' (and I use the term loosely!) took it upon themselves to strip naked after a female rugby match and run around the pitch in nothing but rugby boots and a smile. It seems that they misunderstood the term 'Las Vegas Strip'... There were many a photo taken and the days of having fun at their expense are far from over.


July 1st - Oasis 7's

We had a great time. We had 3 teams participating. Our A side gave eventual championship winners OMBAC a run for their money, before losing with only 6 men. One of our number was guilty of an over vigorous tackle! Our combined B & C side lost in the Plate final. Special mention goes to Troy who was our player of the tournament, and to Just Plain Darin who thought the tournament was on Sunday.

I thank all of the ruggers who participated in either tournament!


August Events

Padres vs. Cubs


Camelot Inn Rugby Sundays

Every Sunday at 9am-Free of Charge

Come on down and watch the best rugby in the world.


Community Support

Encinitas needs our help in a letter writing campaign to the Coastal Commission. The planned Manchester sports complex has been appealed by environment activists even though it has fully complied with all environmental requirements. If we want to continue using Leo Mullin field we need to get behind this and have friends and family sign form letters and return them to Ray as soon as possible. Remember that soccer and baseball in Encinitas each has about 1500 kids participating. Our aim is to get this park for them so that we don't have to compete for fields. We also need to show Encinitas that we'll do our part in making things happen. So we've also volunteered our members to help out at the Encinitas 5K in early October. This will also be a prime recruiting opportunity for us.



Something to think about