June 2001

Union Happenings:

Vice President Decibel Dan and Secretary Blackadder attended the AGM on Saturday the ninth of June 2001. There was a lot of nothing being talked about (yawn). There were a few interesting moments like, Mike Holmes is now the AGM's Vice President and the President of the AGM is not a happy camper. Mike Holmes is from South Africa and he also has the duty of being a referee. It looks like things will be changing for the better, if Mike delivers what he's promising.

The competition committee will be voting at the end of this month on whether or not, OMBAC III will be allowed to play in 2nd Division and if the Los Angeles Rugby Club will be moved to the central division.

Pasadena 7s tournament has been changed to August 4th, 2001. Unicorns 15s tournament will be held on the 11th of November 2001.

Bahamas Tour Stories:

Due to the fact that, what goes on tour stays on tour, the names have had to be changed for this article. So it all started May the 18th at about 7pm when a squad of 24 brave Gurkha warriors set forth on what they all knew was going to be a long grueling tour of duty. There was a lot to learn in a very short time; by the time the bus arrived at LA airport everyone had to have learned the tour commandments, the tour names, the tour laws, and the tour songs. The sheriff would be in charge of enforcing all laws by collecting fines and or dishing out the appropriate punishment for not following tour etiquette. The only trouble with that was by the time we left LA the sheriff was incapacitated and had to be relieved of his duties (only temporarily).

Once in Nassau the battle began. The troops hit the ground running; nothing would stand in their way, their conquests were numerous, led by the likes of Bone Crusher, Rocky, Tardy and others; the victims never stood a chance. The camaraderie was unlike anything I had ever seen before, so unselfish.

Like the time Bone Crusher was sitting in a nice quiet bar with what was going to be his next victim, (a beautiful young blond wearing a mini skirt that barely covered her waist and forgot to wear panties) when suddenly from nowhere appeared Tardy. He swooped in and took her off Bone Crushers' hands and finished her off him self. Un-phased Crusher went in search of his next victim, except this one would turn out to be quite a challenge.

When Crusher had given her all he had she started going through the Gurkhas like that number eight from LA; she was about the same size as him. Her next meal was Batman then Tardy then JP, Rocky, Batman again and who knows how many others. That's when things turned around and the hunter became the hunted she would not settle for anything less than the bone of the Crusher. He took on a whole new philosophy (run and hide today, live to fight another day). This was quite a change for the mighty Gurkha but it was effective, he did manage to fight on for quite a few days and nights.

These warriors would often not retire to their rooms after a hard nights work until hours after the sun had risen, then just a few hours later they would be back at it. The Jester tried the run and hide idea but it wasn't as effective on his teammates. He was caught (by a Turtle) and punished; he won't be doing that again in a hurry.

There are many more stories to be told but I am running out of time to get this newsletter to press so to hear more stories and to see photos and the video I will see you all on Saturday at the party.

Bahamas Tour Matches:

The first game was played at 5PM Tuesday evening against a team made up of players from 3 different clubs. There seemed to be a lot of English accents in the forwards and a lot of (fast young looking) Bahamians in the backs. We agreed to free substitutions and 4 periods, but little did we know that they had enough players for two sides! So it seemed like we were playing a completely different team every quarter. Along with the heat and the humidity (and the Gurkhas' lack of fitness/excess poundage/bunch of old Geezers), it wasn't surprising we weren't able to hang with them for long.

The Gurkhas started strong, with the pack pounding it up the middle and the backs keeping the ball in front of the forwards. But we weren't able to get it across the line early, after having half dozen chances in the first 15 minutes.

Disaster struck right at 15 minutes into the game, where we turned the ball over in a ruck 10 meters from their line and their winger ran in back all the way for the try. This ominous event turned out to be the way they would score all evening. We'd grind it up the field, then they'd take advantage of a turnover to run it around our flankers playing on the wings, to score under the posts. They scored one try in the first quarter, 2 or 3 in the second, none in the 3rd and a few more in the last quarter.

We won the 3rd quarter though, when 'Leonardo' made one of his trademark breaks from the base of the ruck and 'pop'ped it up to 'Pops' for the try and conversion. Right on fulltime they were good sports to let 'Bone Crusher' come on and take a pass to run in for a try. It wasn't without some anxious moments for him, when one of their forwards didn't get the word and ran onto the ball at the kickoff. He soon got the message and the ball was passed to a rumblin', stumblin', bumblin' Crusher who started off towards the try line. Then their center executed a marvelous swan dive to just miss tackling our intrepid Chiropractor. Once across the line our traveling Quack (trust me I'm a Doctor) got it into his head to run behind the posts. This seemed to be celebrating a little too much, and he was quickly informed that he'd better touch it down pretty rapidly, which he did, and so the score ended up being 40 something to 12.

We had a few beers afterwards, sitting outside their clubhouse. They provided a couple of dozen cans of Kalik (the local beer), but when it ran out, to buy another dozen cost $36 at their bar! So we didn't pound a lot down right there! We definitely won the singing after having practiced on the beach the day before, where we assigned verses to everyone. It's a little unfortunate that most of the Gurkhas can't carry a tune in a bucket, but do make up for it with enthusiasm!

The second game was at the same pitch a little earlier in the afternoon on Saturday. Some of the opposition players were the same but most of them looked even younger and faster. We had to borrow 3 players at wings and fullback due to injuries to 'Carne', 'Daisy', 'Binky', and 'T.B.D.' bailing on us to go and do his used car salesman thing. We were told that these were good players, but only one of them proved to have much of a clue - the other two looked like complete rookies (can't blame them though, we would have done the same thing).

We'd had some rain the past few days and although it was humid, the temperature was probably only in the low 80's. Either that or we were getting acclimated to the conditions. This game was a battle similar to Tuesday's game, but this time when they ran around our rookie wings we'd come right back with a 50 meter pick-and-go and a crash run by 'Protein', who played inside center and gets the Game MVP with 2-3 tries.

Unfortunately right on full time we'd just gone up 32-26 when 'Protein' crashed the ball up and got kneed in the back of the head (it did not look accidental on the video replay!). The ball spilled away from the ruck and they picked it up and ran in for an 80-meter try. The Ref' stopped the game at that point when it was obvious 'Protein' was hurt bad. I'm unsure as to whether they kicked the conversion, but if they did, the Referee did not award it, so we came away with a 32-31 victory!

Results on tour are all about going with what you've got, and we went without many backs. I have no doubt that we would have won the first game if 'BlackAdder', 'High' Crotty, 'Big Bird' or 'Aussie' Scott, and Benny had been with us. The only question would have been how close it would have been due to the heat. But I'm happy we got to play at all no matter what the results were.

Club Happenings:

July 14th, is the date for the Gurkha Rugby Club 25th Anniversary Banquet. It will be held at the Olympic Resort Hotel & Spa. The dress is semi-formal. That means no jeans and tee shirts (especially the tuxedo tee shirt). The cost will be $45 per person. The event kicks off at 6pm and ends at 12am. There are a limited number of tickets. Get yours before they are all sold out. Money must be in no later than 29 June 2001. Contact Joe Clarke for your RSVP at (760) 724-3436. Please mail your checks to Joe Clarke at 653 Matagual Dr. Vista, Ca.92083 or give them to him at training. Make checks payable to Escondido RFC.

There has also been a block of rooms set aside for those of you who would like to stay the night. The number to call is (760) 438-8330. The confirmation # is 1/7866-103-7746 for the discounted rate. Check in: 3pm Check out: 12pm. There is alternative lodging at the Motel 6 on Palomar Airport Rd. Their number is (760) 438-1242. For those of you who know Bronco, he and his band will entertain us for the evening. We need your help in contacting former players and supporters to get the word out to them about this banquet. About 5 years back, Ray's computer crashed and most of the names of former players and supporters could not be retrieved.

Golf Tournament:

The second annual Gurkha golf tournament will be held in September this year. If you do not know this yet, there have been meetings on the up-coming golf tournament. This one is going to hopefully bigger than last year's if we get the participation from all members of the rugby club. The club NEEDS for everyone to sell FOUR SPONSORSHIPS. The way it has been figured out is, if we sell four tee sponsorships, that money will pay for the entire golf tournament and the rest is solely profit for the club, but WE all have to do our part for this to happen. There will be updates to this saga.


Boys, we need for you to get out and talk up our sport to the masses. Hopefully, you'll talk them into playing for our club. Seriously, we need the bodies to replace or fill in for those who are stepping down from playing first side matches. John Gibb is looking at passing the scrum half torch onto someone else. Ray Steel is concentrating on coaching and the same with Joe Clarke. Get with Dan and get new schedule cards.

Future Plans:

Ray Steel is looking into the purchase of a rugby pitch for the Gurkhas. Hip hip hooray for Ray. It would be better if he explains the intricate details of this venture if it pans out.

In 2003, the Rugby World Cup will be played in New Zealand and Australia. The question has been brought up if there would be anyone interested in going to the World Cup in New Zealand? If so, please let Joe Clarke know, as soon as possible.

The Quarter ton of beer raffle is coming up. Tickets will be here soon. $2 gets you a ticket (not a buck and a half or whatever deal you can swing). The drawing will be held the day of the 10's tournament, Oct. 27, 2001.

Devon Cutrell has confirmed he is moving to Oregon in the summer. This means we will need more help to keep the High School team going.

Bahamas Party

At Joe and Pam Clarke's house on the 16th of June. That's this Saturday. Bring your swim gear, Bahama Mama mix, and photos of the trip. All are invited. There's a test match on that same day, USA versus England at 1pm. live on Fox Sports World come watch it or come after the match is over.

Injury Report:

Chris Defalco is now an international bleeder. The great minds of the touring side, thought that they could prevent any injury to the young rugger from Escondido by placing him in the back line. This attempt was futile. Our young hero could not let old habits die. Mister Defalco is a loose forward by trade, and we all know that backs do not volunteer to pile in on rucks. Young Defalco forgot which position he was playing and ended up with nine stitches in the back of the head and a concussion.

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm:

There could not be a newsletter without the mentioning of particular person, Mister Jeff "Tardy" McCoy. Where do we begin? When most single men plan a vacation to a tropical island like the Bahamas, they think of the women they are planning to score with. When it comes time to pack your bags for the trip, the items we throw in the traveling bag, like toothbrush and paste, so on and so forth. Shorts, tee shirts and condoms. Sports fans this is where the story takes a hard left. One of the members of the tour group (Binky) let on that he had to go into Mister Tardy McCoy's travel bag in search of a beer (which was there) and found out that he (Tardy) had also brought his women to the Bahamas with him, in magazine form. I guess they were for those slow quiet moments.

Members of the Gurkha Rugby Club are soliciting your help in finding the left eyebrow of one Jeff "Tardy" McCoy. It seems he had one when he left for the Bahamas. Now, it is missing. If anyone has any information leading to help this individual find his eyebrow, please contact the bureau of missing eyebrows immediately. Thank you for your concern.