Our Season Banquet

The end of the year awards banquet was held at President Joe's house on Saturday the 5th, thanks Joe and Pam.

Awards that were handed out were as follows:

? Best Forward - Phil "Spill" Martinez

? Best Back - Tony "Black Adder" Lazare

? Rookie - "Aussie Scott" Talbot

? Most Improved - "English Scott" Mitchell


Newly elected officers for the club are:

? President - Joe Clarke

? Vice President - Dan Beaulieu

? Secretary - Tony Lazare

? Treasurer - Alan Miles

Dan replaced John that is the only change.


Clint "Swoop" Nelson was living up to his name by trying to swoop in on Brea (Scott's girlfriend).

Thanks go to Bad Andy and Adder for their help with the party.  Adder had to leave early because he is in lust.  Don?t tell THE SWOOP.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!  Some members found out what it's like to try and wake a sleeping bear, so please for everyone's safety, leave President Joe alone when he goes in for hibernation!

Golf Tournament

Will be September 23rd and we want 4 $25 tee sponsors from each member of the club.  We will be having a meeting at the Camelot on Wednesday May 16th at 6pm.  This will be to assign jobs to everyone; we need about 20 people so if you don?t show up you will get stuck with the worst job.

25th Anniversary Banquet

I will need a lot of help with this one starting now we need to get in touch with all current and former Gurkhas.  A lot of these players no longer live around here so we need to give them time to make travel arrangements.  We also need to get the money in asap $45 per person.

1/4 Ton of Beer!

We will be doing the raffle again this year but this time we will get the tickets out earlier.  Last year 3 people Batman, Ray and Jeff sold two thirds of all tickets, I hope this time more people pull their weight.  The drawing will be the day of our 10's tournament.

Heard 'Round The Pitch

Sean "What are you doing?" O'Connell has made a request that because of his high profile job selling "Sugar Water" that no one shave any of his hair and/or use Permanent marker to write on his forehead I Love Pepsi!  Sean 3 words for you "Live in Fear"!


A special edict has been handed down, that prohibits Coach Ray from choosing sides for touch anymore!  No more stacking the teams for you Ray!


Super Hero Action!  Fresh from the bat-cave our newest Super Hero Dan "Decibel Man" Beaulieu treated a few select fans to a demonstration of how Super Heroes ride motorbikes. The first thing you notice is when Dan sits on a 50cc bike you can no longer see the bike. But the most interesting part of the show was his dismounting technique.  He gets a really good run up so the bike is going as fast as it can up the driveway then when he hits the soft dirt the bike stops and our Super Hero goes flying through the air. Unlike most Super Heroes who prefer to land on their feet, "Decibel Man" has no fear of the planet earth, he takes it on headfirst. You really should ask him to demonstrate for you some time.

(P.S. It wasn't that entertaining)

Training & Summer Schedule

Practice: Tues & Thurs at 6 pm Rancho Bernardo Park, I-15 Pomerado Rd.

Plus Beach Rugby on Thurs 6 pm in Carlsbad

La Costa Ave. and Highway 101


            12            USA vs England 15's @ UCLA

            23            Las Vegas Midnight 7s

            30            Oasis 7s, Robb Field,  SD


            7            Pasadena 7's  Rose Bowl

            14            Gurkhas 25th Anniversary

            14            Belmont Shore 7s (Qualifier)

                          Long Beach

            21            Eagle Rock 7's (Qualifier)

                        John Ferraro Athletic Fields


            18-19            Makai 7s in the Sand

                          Hermosa Beach

            25            Firestone 7s Santa Barbara


            8            Tri-Tip 7s San Luis Obispo

            23            Gurkhas Golf Tournament

            29-30            Park City 15's  Utah (Tentative)


            27            Gurkhas 10's Tournament

Ask Dan for wallet schedule cards and/or hand them out as recruitment aids.

Rugby News

Playoff Results

Round 1:

Los Angeles RC 28 to Santa Barbara 8

Las Vegas 32 to Old Aztecs 3

Round 2:

White Division Championship

Los Angeles RC 22 to Las Vegas 19

Other Notables

The Club would like to send their wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery to Lena's Dad.

Anyone interested in various family outings like, beach/pool parties, train ride to San Juan Capistrano, Padres/Chargers games or anything you would like the club to do contact any of the club officers and berate them for not doing it sooner!

Also if you don't have email or would like future copies of "The Gab" mailed to you please give your address to Dan.

Anyone knowing of a field/park that we could hold our Ten's Tournament in October, PLEASE let us know.  We need to set up 2 pitches and hopefully we could have the tournament party there after the games are done.