Things at hand:

Has it been a month already? I look forward to passing on information to the loyal readers to the finest newsletter in North County. I will type only as fast as you can read, okay? Ready, set, and go.

I was shown a copy of the Southern California Rugby Post (California's Official Rugby Union News and also a BI-monthly publication). The publication has the clubs who will be in the SCRFU White Division South Conference, and it is as follows: Los Angeles, South Orange County, Escondido, and Old Aztecs. The good part is, we have not lost a match yet. No team has for that matter. So, lets welcome Los Angeles to the South Conference. WELCOME ABOARD LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!


Just a Reminder:

PAYMENTS FOR THE BAHAMA TOUR ARE DUE BY THE END OF THE MONTH. Lets get those payments in people. You can give your payment to President Joe, if you do not see Blood Brother number One (he's the guy who wore the Super Dave Osborne outfit at this year's banquet). The dates for the tour are May 19th-27th 2001.

Family day will be August 20th, 2000 at Qualcomm Stadium. The game will be the San Diego Padres hosting the Montreal Expos. Blackadder needs to know who's all going so that he can get an accurate count for the lady at the Padres ticket office. Devo's wonderful wife (Lori) has volunteered their SWEET RIDE to be the nucleus of a TAILGATE PARTY. So bring your whatever it is you like to bring to tailgate parties, so that it can be cooked and drank. Three cheers for Lori. Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. Call Blackadder at 724-3436 to let him know if you're going to attend.

Remember Ray mentioning raffle tickets about two months ago? If you had forgotten about the raffle, we are raffling off one-quarter ton of beer (twenty-three cases). Well, they are now in the possession of President Joe Clarke. He will explain what they are for and how much they are selling for.


Golf Tournament:

Need I say more? Even though you may not be on a committee, please talk to people you know who may be interested in playing. And if you have never played golf before, try it and support the club. Who knows, you just might like it.

On July 29th, 2000, the Hoodz hosted their golf tournament. Gurkhas had members attend the Hoodz function. Give some love to Chris Defalco for winning closest to the pin contest. And give some love to Chris Defalco, Joe and Pam Clarke, and Jeff McCoy for taking second place overall in the tournament.

From the story that was told to me, it was all Jeff McCoy's fault they came in second place. I can not forget Alan Miles (Pay Now) and (JP) Darin Meyers for participating in the tournament. You know what to do, give 'em some lovin'. If for some reason you still holding on to your petition letters, lets get those in to Joe like yesterday.


Other Hands With Things:

They're coming, they're coming. Coming soon are the Polo shirts and the Entertainment coupon books. John Gibb is wheeling and dealing, so that the shirts will not cost a small fortune. The Entertainment book practically pays for itself after the first couple of uses. Claire is saying that the books are on their way.

The books should be in by the latter part of the month, if not sooner. The selling these books are another form of easy money for the rugby club.

Last month, Weka went to France for his summer studies and he has returned to San Diego County, to tell us almost everything that went on there. WELCOME BACK, WEKA!!!!!!

I am proud to say that Renata and Martin Morozowsky are with child. For those of you who do not get it, she's PREGNANT!!!!!!! CONGRATS to the both of you and may you be blessed with a health baby.

And also gang, they are going on a trip to France in September. Have a safe and enjoyous vacation. Bring back slide photos and we can make a night of it. Just bring back photos.

There has been a rare sighting of Rene Jackson. Seriously, there may not be any photos to support my story, but President Joe saw him as well.


Injury Report:

George Mills (Skip) had knee surgery today. How he blowout his knee you wonder? Well, Skip was leaving a bar up in Big Bear. As he puts it, he was casually walking back to his vehicle when BAMM, BOOM, his knee gives out on him. Skip had surgery on the 4th of this month, the doctors had to re-attach the tendon. He is now in a temporary cast and will be going in on Monday to have a full leg cast put on. Martin Morozowsky has had an arthroscopic looksee in his shoulder, and he will need Rotator Cuff surgery done. As most of us know, Eric Olsen (G.G.), will need surgery done on his good knee. Jeff McCoy (Jeff McCoy) had surgery on his left wrist a few weeks back, and is expected to make full recovery by the time he needs to get something else operated on. The way that I see is, all Jeff needs is a few more operations and he'll have a new body.


Up Coming Events:

September 16th Tri-Tip 7's San Luis Obispo

Sep 30th Park City 15's Utah

October 21st Rucktoberfest Big Bear

28th Gurkhas 10's TBD *TENTATIVE DATE

For the San Luis Obispo trip, the guys are looking at taking a train up to SLO. For those of you who want to go, look at leaving at 12:00 noon that Friday (September 15th). The train is scheduled to arrive in San Luis Obispo at 8:00pm that evening. The catch to this trip is that the train departs SLO at 0615 Sunday morning. The cost of the train ride will run about $60 (that's round trip). This reporter may be a bit off base, but you can talk to Batman or Miguel Perez for the correct information.

The tournament of the year (Park City) will go two short weeks after SLO. That trip right now will cost you a whopping $110 (round trip), according to Ray Steel. Purchase your tickets as soon as possible. It may be a four day trip. Leave San Diego on that Friday and return the following Monday.

Remember Dave Levine? He's the guy who works for Ken Grody Ford in Carlsbad. Well it has been brought to this reporters attention, that if you or someone that you know purchase a vehicle from that dealership, whether it is a Ford or a GMC, that member of the club will get $50 taken off of your dues.

The club will also receive $250 from Ken Grody Ford for generating more business for that dealership.

The name of the game for the North County Escondido Rugby Club is SPONSORSHIP. That is the only way the club will be able to meet the goals that has been set forth by the our lustrous leaders. We as club members should be talking to different businesses and trying to generate income for the things the club wants to do in the future.